undisclosed recipients in Yahoo! Mail

Send an email message to undisclosed recipients in Yahoo! Mail

Normally if you send messages to a group of email addresses then the recipients can easily see the list of addresses for whom you have send the mail.
Its easy to hide your recipients addresses.

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  • Add your own id in the address book with the name Undisclosed in the First Name and recipients in the Last Name and click SAVE
  • Create New Mail
  • Type undisclosed under To:
  • Select Undisclosed recipients from the auto-complete list
  • Now Click Show BCC and enter all desired recipients under BCC:
  • Now compose your mail and Click SEND

Its done


  1. Hi,

    still i can see my email address in To: Field beside Undisclosed recipients.

    email id should not reveal. Is it possible?


  2. @ Indian Patriotic:

    This trick is to hide the recipients addresses not the senders...