How to activate deactivate call forwarding or diverting in Jio Sim

For some reason you may prefer redirecting incoming calls in your jio sim to be redirected to some other number. In my case, I use JioFi 2 dongle which may not be connected to my phone all the time. As i make calls using the JioFi, people will try to reach me calling back using my Jio number which might be offline. To prevent missing calls we can make use of call forwarding option.
Listed below are some of the codes and their actions which can be performed using your jio network.

Activation codes:
ActionDescriptionCall Code
Divert all calls.All the incoming calls to your Jio Number will be redirected*401*[10 Digit Mobile Number]
Divert call if busy*405*[10 Digit Mobile Number]
Divert calls if not answeredIf the call in not answered in jio number. Call will be diverted to other number defined*403*[10 Digit Mobile Number]
Divert call if not reachableThis will divert calls to your alternate number if yout jio sin is not reachable*409*[10 Digit Mobile Number]
Example: If you wish to divert all the calls of your jio sim to your alternate mobile number eg, 1234567890. Dial *401*1234567890 and make a call using your Jtio4GVoice App. You will get a audio response on successful activation of the service.

Deactivation codes:
ActionDescriptionCall Code
Deactivate All call divertsAll call diverts will be deactivated and you will be receiving all the calls to your Jio Number*402
Deactivate  Divert call if busyCalls wont be diverts to any other number if your Jio Number is busy*406
Deactivate  Divert calls if not answeredCalls wont be diverted to any other number if you dont answer in your Jio Number*404
Deactivate  Divert call if not reachableCalls wont be redirected to any other number if your Jio Number is not reachable*410
Deactivate  All Call DivertAll the calls will be received to your default Jio Number. There wont be any call divert*413

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