Formatting Nokia S60

To format your Nokia S60 mobile like 6600,3230 or N70 and many just dial *#7370# in the main screen then you will be asked to enter the pin number. The default PIN number for nokia mobile is 12345. After entering the PIN number the phone will restart automatically.
Another way and the way i prefer is to turn off your phone and press and hold three keys that is (star) '*' '3' and the green call button and switch on your phone. Do not release the buttons until you see a formatting screen. In some of the mobile you cant see the Formatting screen but the mobile will be formatted. If you are asked to set the date while your mobile is turned on then you can conferm that your mobile is formated.

Formatting will delete all the datas from the phone including contacts, Wallets and settings this do not delete the contacts in the SIM memory

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