How to Login in Multiple Gmail id in single Browser

The eagerness of Gmail users who were waiting for gmail to enable Multiple login in single browser is now gone.
Gmail now enables user to use Multiple id login in single browser. Here are the simple steps with image preview which will help you learn how to use this new awesome feature of Gmail.

1.  visit Google Account Setting and click on change in Multiple sign-in
2. Check
    Read the conditions carefully and check all the fields, then click save. The save button will be disabled until you select all the check box.

3. Once you have saved the setting visit your inbox and select sign in to another account in the drop down option in the right corner of your account as shown in the image below.

4. Once you have clicked the link you will be redirected to login page, in which there will be the list of id(s) which are already logged in. Now login to the other id which you are willing to use simultaneously, using the login form in this page.

5. You are Done.
    The list of id(s) which are logged in simultaneously are listed in right corner of the page, as shown in the image. You can select the desired login and start using its service.

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