Gmail guru bot which can provide you information about score, weather, define, translate, web. is a cool bot id which provides you various information such as score, weather, define, translate, web.
To add this bot to your gmail id. Invite the id to chat. For your better understanding video tutorial is added below.
Once you have added the bot send the message help which will list out the features of the bot. To know information about how to use the score feature or some other feature information, send help example: help weather.

  • To know the score Enter 'score ' to get recent scores, i.e. 'score Arsenal'.
  • To know the weather Enter 'weather ' to get weather info, i.e. 'weather Nairobi'.
  • To get definition of a word Enter 'define or 'd ' to get definition of the term i.e. 'd internet'. Ask for one definition at a time.
  • To translate a word Enter 'translate from to ', i.e. 'translate goodbye from English to French'. If 'from ' is omitted we will try to detect the language of your phrase. You can abbreviate 'translate' to 't', i.e. 't goodbye to German'.
  • To get web result for a query Enter 'web ' to get results from the web and then type 'next' to scroll to see more results. Only text is displayed.

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