How to easily fix an overheating laptop

how to prevent laptop from over heating
I wold like to share my experience in fixing my laptop which use to get over heated.

What happens when laptop gets over heated ?

Laptop turns off suddenly when the laptop is over heated.

Why does it turns off ?

When the laptop gets over heated it gets turned off directly so that it can prevent major problem to other hardwares.

Why does laptop gets over heated ?

Usually its because the cooling fan is not working proper.

What are the chances of cooling fan to not work properly ?

Either the fan is damaged or the common problem i.e. there is a lot of dust over the fan.(My Laptop had the same problem).

How can dust in Fan make the laptop over heat ?

Well, when there is dust over the Cooling Fan, The speed of Cooling Fan gets reduced. This reduces the performance same time, which causes the laptop to get over heated quickly.

Solution to remove dust from cooling fan.

If you can remove the laptop back panel. You can remove it and clean the fan using the brush or blower.
If you want to fix without taking any risk with opening the laptop.
Simply blow the out let of cooling fan using a blower or simply using your mouth as i did ;). You can see a lot of dust coming out of the outlet. Now enjoy using your laptop that use to get over heated for simple reas

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