Bold Italic and Strike through text in WhatsApp

WhatsApp new version is rolled out. Now you can send text in different text types i.e Bold Italic and Strike through. One can simple include specific characters to make the text stylish. WhatsApp now allows you to type in Bold, Italic and Strike through font. It is important that the WhatApp version of the friend to whom you have sent the message should be the latest
updated version else the receiver will just see the special characters but not the font style.

How can you send message in bold, Italic or underlined text ?

Its just simple. You need to add specific symbol in front and end of the text to style the text
To ge the bold font. Add * symbol in the beginning and end of the word/sentence
eg. *I am bold*

To achieve the Italic style add _ in the beginning and the end of the word/sentence
eg. _I am Italic_

Sameway, to get the underlined style. Add ~ at the beginning and end of the word/sentence
eg. ~I am Italic~

You can also play with different combination of the styles to get combined styles. Say if you want the text to be bold and italic. You can combine the symbol  * and _ and get the style. While combining the styles
eg. *_I am bold and Italic_* this will give a bold and italic style text.  make sure you place the code in such a way the the word/sentence is closed correctly between the symbols.

Bold text not working in WhatsApp ?

[Solved]This might be because your WhatsApp is not yet updated. You can simple visit the app store and update the WhatsApp

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