How to delete sent message in WhatsApp

WhatsApp now allows you to delete the message which was already sent in Individual Chat or a Group Chat. This is helpful if you have sent a message by mistake to wrong recipient or a Group. To make this work, both receiver and sender should be using the latest version of the WhatsApp Application.
There are few things we should know about this feature.
  • Both receiver and sender must be using latest version of WhatsApp
  • Messages sent should be deleted within 7 minutes if you want to delete the message both in your phone and receiver's phone. 
  • There is no confirmation if the message Deletion was successful or not.
How to delete the sent message
  • Press and hold the message which was sent to wrong recepient.
  • Select the delete icon from the top menu options
  • Select DELETE FOR ALL from the popup menu
  • You are done

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