Now you can set who can actually add you in their group, WhatsApp is testing this feature and might be launched soon

WhatsApp may soon be launching it newer version which will allow you to set who can Invite you to their group. It is always annoying when you are being invited by someone to their group where you actually don't want to be. Its even more annoying when you are invited to some group and you can't leave just because you need to answer them why you left, funny but true.

The updated version of WhatsApp will be a ultimate solution for this. One will be able to set who can add them in group. WhatsApp may provide 3 options to select from i.e Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody. The options are self explanatory.
How can you set How can add me to groups option.
1. Goto settings
2. Select Accounts.
3. Then select Privacy
4. Then Groups
5. Here you can Select the option between EveryoneMy Contacts and Nobody

You are done.
This feature is available only on WhatsApp Beta version in iPhone and might be rolled out soon in android versions as well. 

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