How to booking more than 6 tickets a month in IRCTC, See how you can do it

The ticket booking limit to 6 tickets a month has been a major issue for the people who travel in train very frequently with in a month.
Now you can double the no of tickets that you can book a month, by verifying your Aadhar Number in your profile. This update was rolled out on 09 February 2018. 
Below is the update sent by mail.

How to delete sent message in WhatsApp

WhatsApp now allows you to delete the message which was already sent in Individual Chat or a Group Chat. This is helpful if you have sent a message by mistake to wrong recipient or a Group. To make this work, both receiver and sender should be using the latest version of the WhatsApp Application.
There are few things we should know about this feature.

How to change JioFi WiFi Name or Password

Its always recommended and secure to have a secure Password for your WiFi. Its good to have a custom WiFi name. In this post you can know how to change the WiFi Name and the Password with step by step process as well as using the video tutorial.

How to activate deactivate call forwarding or diverting in Jio Sim

For some reason you may prefer redirecting incoming calls in your jio sim to be redirected to some other number. In my case, I use JioFi 2 dongle which may not be connected to my phone all the time. As i make calls using the JioFi, people will try to reach me calling back using my Jio number which might be offline. To prevent missing calls we can make use of call forwarding option.

Bold Italic and Strike through text in WhatsApp

WhatsApp new version is rolled out. Now you can send text in different text types i.e Bold Italic and Strike through. One can simple include specific characters to make the text stylish. WhatsApp now allows you to type in Bold, Italic and Strike through font. It is important that the WhatApp version of the friend to whom you have sent the message should be the latest

Change default wordpress login page design to a simple and flat design

While we make our wordpress blog look different by using different theme, we also like to customize the login page. Not too much of customization but at least a minimum change to match our theme or branding. You can make the login page color theme to match your theme color so that it looks consistent with the blog theme.

Grid Pattern Background for Websites

Subtlepatterns is a great website to choose best patters for your website. It has awesome collection of designs and supports live preview of the patterns.
The site allows you to select the subtle from various categories such as Light, Dark, Paper, Stripes, Wall, Fabric, Noise, Diamond, Grid and Carbon.

Open Cart v tpl Files References

Quick reference to various tpl files which can be used to modify the source codes of Open Cart Framework to customize them based on our requirements.

Creating Attractive Rounded Button with Icon in Bootstrap

As we know Bootstrap have made web designing more easy with their awesome framework. I would like to share few simple CSS styles that can be included along with the Bootstrap to create attractive button with icon, which you can use with any of your bootstrap web designing project.

SBI Balance Enquiry via Missed Call

State Bank of India Introduces Missed Call Service for Balance and Mini Statement Enquiry.

Now SBI users can get Mini Statement or Balance Enquiry of their SBI Account by giving a Missed call to the Numbers defined below. You can even get Enquiry by sending SMS.